• The game-changing mPOS solution

    Think smart with our cutting-edge mPOS companion,

    the most advanced payment solution to accept payments anywhere, anytime.

    Think smart with the snapElite's mPOS solution: a touchscreen companion to bring much more than only Chip & PIN payments

  • Features

    Our Chip & PIN mobile payment device allows anyone accept card payments anywhere anytime, but that is only the starting point...

    Designed for Mobility

    Turn any smartphone or tablet into a payment terminal thanks to the compatibility with the most advanced mobile operating systems.


    Accept any magstripe and EMV card payment such as swipe & sign, chip & sign, chip & PIN...

    Secure Connectivity

    Embedded Bluetooth technology enables effortless connectivity to any smartphone, tablet or point of sales.

    The Bluetooth connection is safe and secure, and complies with the PCI DSS requirements.

    Value-Added Services

    Because card payments are not only about Chip & PIN, our solution is designed to connect to any third-party services, such as Dynamic Change Currency, e-receipt by email or by SMS, flash survey...

    Easy Customization

    Stay next to the merchants and reassure the cardholders by customizing the payment process with your brand.


    Sensitive card data are fully secure and never stored on the mobile device.

    Card payments are processed with the highest industry security standards including EMV and PCI.

  • Banking-grade Certifications

    Our device is fully certified for EMV Chip & PIN, EMV Chip & Sign, magnetic swipe credit, and debit transactions. It is PCI-PTS certified and its integration is end-to-end encrypted, so only encrypted cardholder data passes through the cash register reducing your PCI scope.

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